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The Herald, Joel Brown, and The Will County Democratic Central Committee

I came across an article on the Herald website recently that alleges attorney Joel Brown groped a political activist named Nicki Serbin in 2016.

The article claims Brown, from Romeoville, who is running for a seat on the Will County Board in District 3 as a Democrat – “flashed and groped me when I was alone in an office with him in 2016 is now running for Will County Board with the support of the local party. Gross. I need to go manage my anger. #metoo,” Serbin wrote.

I learned a few things from this article and the first is that in this instance, (and probably others) a publication that claims to be functioning under the guise of a legitimate news organization actively participated in a political smear campaign with no substance by publishing a piece that is not only not news, but not even a serious story from top to bottom. This publication is nothing more than an arm of the corrupt political machine that uses it to advance a narrative.

Serbin, in my opinion, is clearly using this as a way to wield power over and influence a political campaign to possibly help a comrade running against Brown or for some other reason. Either way, she is not serious about the allegations because nothing was ever mentioned about filing any kind of police report, and only now (4 years later) does she ‘whip out’ this story to try and get Brown to drop out of the race.

The fact that she ‘told’ several other people about the incident means nothing. This does not make them corroborating witnesses. A legitimate news reporter would have made the distinction, but the people who use the Herald for political purposes care nothing about accuracy in reporting.

Another quote from the ‘article’ – “I have no reason to doubt her,” Mulick said. That does not confirm anything.

Koch said Serbin’s account to The Herald-News was “very consistent” with what she told her in 2017. Back then, Serbin was helping Koch’s campaign for the County Board.


#metoo,” Serbin wrote.

‘Me Too’ is one of those magic weapons that Dems invented to help women who cannot compete against men based on merit. #MeToo has nothing to do with women or harassment and has everything to do with how it is being used here: as a form of ‘power’ in a society where allegations have become truth courtesy of Left-wingers who have no substance in their failed policies and need to manipulate ‘the narrative’ in order to win.

Serbin did nothing about this for 4 years, just like Christine Blasey Ford did nothing about her allegations, which were proven to be false.

VP nominee Kamala Harris herself said of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford that she ‘did not believe in due process.’ Even after another man stepped forward and admitted it was him and not Kavanaugh and even after that when Blasey Ford’s lawyer came forward and said it was ‘totally political’ referring to CBF’s decision to come forward with false allegations, also making it illegal – and Ford lied regarding that as well.

There was also nothing said of violating her client’s ‘attorney client privilege’ and incriminating her client in the process. Those are things that attorney Joel Brown surely knows about. It would not allow for a very fruitful career in my opinion if a lawyer, especially a criminal defense attorney, was found to have incriminated his clients behind their backs by cooperating illegally with prosecutors and or law enforcement in an illegal manner.

But that is all part of the corrupt political machine out there in Will County, IL and why not? when the mayor sets an example by going around beating up black people and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood can commit voter fraud and not even have it affect her while people are being convicted and sentenced for that very crime all over the place. I guess that is similar to Kamala Harris smoking weed while locking others up for doing the same. Politicians do not have to abide by laws that prevent them from advancing their narratives apparently.

Why hasn’t any legal action been taken against Brown? Who did he do favors for that prevented him from being charged earlier? What were those favors? Was a crime even committed here?

Not one MSM news source picked up the story that Joliet mayor Bob O’Dekirk and ‘unnamed’ police officers have been sued for their actions on the night of a George Floyd prayer vigil in Joliet, IL.

Why is that?

Why hasn’t Joliet, IL burned to the ground in the same way that Minneapolis did after George Floyd?

How are those police officers going unnamed?

Many questions and no answers but the hacks over there at The Herald have no concern for ‘news’ as their job is ‘narrative reporting’ and that is not even their decision. That is 99.99% of all media in Illinois.

Reporting the actual news? Getting the facts straight? They cannot have any of that in Illinois. Their house of cards would fall to the ground in a second if the truth about anything were allowed to unravel like a loose thread in an old sweater worn by Mike Madigan.

‘The mob that you appease may very well be the mob that takes you out’

Link to the article:


Because it is a black sport

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Joliet, IL Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and Police Officers Sued after video shows attack on black protester

Original article here ate

Joliet, IL Mayor Bob O’Dekirk and Police Officers Sued after video shows attack on black protester

This video shows mayor attacking victim

This video shows police attacking victim

The victim, Victor Williams, is a 23-year-old resident of Lockport. He is being represented by two Chicago attorneys, Lawrence O’Reilly and Michael Baker.

They have filed a federal lawsuit againstJoliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk,who is a former Joliet police officer, as well as active police officers at the Joliet Police Department, accusing them of excessive force, false arrest/unlawful detention, failure to intervene, conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Several witnesses confirmed what the video shows, that the mayor was the aggressor and the victim did nothing to provoke the confrontation.

“They were not engaging in any type of activity other than protesting,” said attorney Michael Baker.

In a screenshot of the article below from the Herald, the mayor appears to have engaged in some sort of quid pro quo appointing Brad Price to the city police board in exchange for a ‘quell of the violence’ in my opinion. This happened immediately after the incident.

And then, conveniently, the disciplinary records of the mayor from his time as a police officer mysteriously go missing.

Joliet police: No record of O’Dekirk suspensions in personnel file


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